About Us

What is Fusion Annapolis Valley?

Well, good question and thanks for asking. Fusion AV is a non-profit, community engagement organization that’s mission is to engage with young professionals in the Annapolis Valley. We aim to give them opportunities to connect and build their personal and professional network to ensure the long term success of this great place we all call home.  Thus, ENGAGE CONNECT SUCCEED

Basically, we are all about meeting people to build a network.


And what exactly do you mean by Young Professionals?

By “young” we mean that our target demographic is between 16 and 40, but we are open to working with anyone and everyone. We have places and need for people of all ages. Also, when we say “professional” we mean career and business minded individuals. That could be an interest in starting your own business, hoping to get promoted, looking to move into a new field, or looking for new opportunities.


So, you want to meet people. How actually do you do that?

Another good question! Fusion AV organizes events throughout the year ranging from small intimate coffee shop gatherings, to brainstorming and innovation session, to large night club set good time gathering. All to get folks out and meeting people.


You say you are a “community engagement” organization, what does that mean?

Aren’t you full of questions. But this is an importation one. We run three subcommittees of our Board of Directors, that we call Action Teams. These action teams are responsible for different levels of community engagement.

The ENGAGEMENT Action Team is responsible for doing outreach to the Valley’s Young Professionals community. This involves advocating on issues that affect our target demographic and connecting with community and businesses partners, plus helping individuals with their networking goals.

The EVENTS Action Team is responsible to plan and organizing all of Fusion AVs networking and community events.

The EDUCATION Action Team is responsible for researching, building and delivering professional development workshops to support people in improving their business and career knowledge and resources.

Between speaking and advocating on Youth and Young Professionals’ issues, hosting workshops and delivering seminars for schools and other organizations, and working with local community partners to host networking and innovation events; we have a lot to keep us busy.


Contact us at information@fusionav.ca to find out more and see how you can get involved.