What’s Happening

Here is what is going on in with Fusion Annapolis Valley!


Action Teams:

Our Actions Teams are now up and running. We will be working on projects and partnerships to support the Young Professionals of the Annapolis Valley. Here is some info on our teams:


Education Action Team: This group is working on building formal workshops to give in partnership with local educational institutions, community groups and nonprofits. They are also looking to build short web vignettes (videos) to help Young Professionals with tips and info to make their lives easier.

If you are interested in instruction and curriculum development, have skills you want to show off in video production or animation, or just want build cool stuff to help others, contact our Education Action Team Chair at coby.milne@fusionav.ca and get involved.


Engagement Action Team: This group is committed to providing advocacy and direct community involvement. They will be working with organizations and governments around topics like; municipal matters, providing youth with a voice and platform to have their issues known, supporting young people to take leadership roles in their communities, gather data through surveys, focus groups and one on one interviews, and reaching out to the Annapolis Valley’s young leaders and giving them support and resources to help them continue with the great work they are already doing.

If you are interested in advocacy, building community relationships, have strong opinions around issues that affect the Valley’s Young Professionals this is a great group to connect with. Also if you have skills around data collection, are a young leader looking for support, or are passionate about getting the youth perspective known, contact our Engagement Action Team Chair at james.schofield@fusionav.ca and get involved.


Events Action Team: This group is responsible for planning networking and community events. They will be working with community partners and business to host partnership events and provide opportunities for local Young Professionals to network and build connections.

If you are interested in building your own professional network, looking for opportunities to get out and meet people, or hoping to connect with business and community agencies; this is a good place to get started. Also if you have skills around event planning, marketing and promotion, or fundraising contact our Events Action Team Chair at richelle@communityinc.ca and get involved.